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Apnalaya makes Australian News!

Today the Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Malcolm Turnbull, met the Apnalaya team with Annabel's son-in-law, cricket legand Sachin Tendulkar, who is an avid supporter of her work.

"Remember girls, you can do anything"

This was Mr Turnbull's inspiring message for a group of girls who are learning to play cricket.

Apnalaya is committed to increasing gender parity and building self-reliant communities.

"It really is part of empowering the girls to stand up for their rights over other issues, but doing it through sport," says Apnalaya president Annabel Mehta.

The Livelihood programme equips young boys and girls, men and women to aspire towards informed and sustainable livelihood decisions. The year gone by has seen a broad spectrum of adolescents, adults and more specifically, girls and women participating in this journey.

Mr Turnbull described the work done by Apnalaya as "an example of empowerment"

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