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The Bahals are heading for Bombay

We are Nikhil, Esha & Jai and this Thanksgiving we are off to volunteer in Mumbai - well Nik and Esha are....Jai will visit when he is a little older.

Our families live in NY/NJ and London and we are privileged to have incredible access to leading educational resources and ecosystems. We trust this will give us a great start and foundation to enter the world well prepared and tackle challenges that we as the next generation need to own. We recognize for many under privileged children around the world, this opportunity and experience is not possible. We want to do our part to help change that. Please support and join us on this journey.

Our family charity, Child Action, is focused on making an impact in the life of one child today by creating learning and personal development opportunities for kids living in Mumbai's streets and slums. We partner with three high quality grass-root charities;

(1) DOORSTEP SCHOOL - leveraging buses with fully functional classrooms to take education to those who cannot come to school .

(2)TOYBANK - using toys to aid a child's cognitive, social and emotional development.

(3) APNALAYA - focused on education, empowerment and self-sufficiency through Integrated Community Development

We are excited about our upcoming trip and hope you will support our partner NGOs by donating through The Bahal family JustGiving page

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