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Animesh is running for Toybank

Today Animesh is running the London Marathon for Toybank because he believes in building healthier, stronger, more empowered communities.

After all, "it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men".

Toybank (India) envisions a world where all children are empowered through healthy play.

Play can impact a childhood and can empower a child.

Children play because it is fun. When they’re engaged in play, however, children unknowingly develop life skills. They develop language, social skills, physical coordination, emotional maturity, and exploration skills. Play encourages self-reliance, helps children solve problems and learn about the physical world. Play helps build relationships between a child and his parents, peers, caregivers, and teachers. Observing a child at play is a great way to gain insight about a child’s perceptions and feelings, and how he understands the world.

Playing comes naturally to children. In fact, the UN recognizes playing as a right of every child. "It is a happy talent to know how to play”. Playing reduces stress, improves life and increases creativity. Yet, there are thousands of children in this world who are not fortunate enough to enjoy this.

Toybank promotes the power of play.

The London marathon promises to be a wonderful event for our cause, so please come out and show your support!

All donations are routed through Child Action and are being match funded by Child Action so dig deep and donate!

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