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Marathon Musings

I found out later than most that I would be taking part in the London marathon, what was to be my first. I’m quite unpredictable in my race prep, so I took to running a mountain marathon on day one of marathon training. 28 miles, several thousand meters of climbing later I felt good, and dare I say had enjoyed it. By trade I’m an obstacle racer, I took up running only April of last year, and I hated it. Obstacle racing was my passion to start with, it appeared to my strength side more than endurance with the obstacles breaking up the monotony of running and I was really able to enjoy something I had previously dreaded. But oh, how times change. Between April 2014 and February 2015 I racked up over 70 races, and gradually made the transition from Obstacle course racer to triathlete, marathoner and straight runner. Obstacle course racers are still my passion, they’re a challenge like no other and the family of runners is unbelievable, but I’ve developed a love of everything running now! Since that first marathon I’ve now completed 3 ultras and 2 marathons, including a double ultra weekend, and even taken to road running in a rare phase of preparation. The events I chose to enter are the hardest I can find, I chose trail and cliff faces over pavement whenever I can. My latest crazy event is the 300 of Spartan ultra marathon race in Greece covering the famous 378km route marched by the 300 Spartans all those years ago. The event takes place over 8 days. My advice to anyone taking on the London marathon is completely invalid, I haven’t run it before. But based on my limited experience and what I’ve heard from others it’s a simple thought pattern for me. You’ve probably done enough and you’re probably fit enough. It’s all in the mind and if you believe you can you will, yes it may hurt and it probably wont be fun but all you have to do is move one leg at a time and you will get there.

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