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Dev Patel becomes an Enterprise4Change Ambassador

We are so excited to announce that Dev Patel has become an ambassador for our joint project with the British Asian Trust - Enterprise4Change

Here is a heartfelt message we received from Dev:

“Education is something most of us in the West take for granted...I did.

Only now do I realise how important school was in shaping who I am today. Through the world of education and books I was given a purpose, a drive and more importantly a dream. The sad truth is that MILLIONS of underprivileged kids in India don't get this opportunity. It's utterly heartbreaking.

Every kid deserves to have an education regardless of their background.

Education should not be a luxury afforded to some; it should be a right given to all.

I urge anyone who like myself, has been lucky enough to go to school, to please help the children of India. Lets give them a chance to build a better life for themselves... Together we can make a massive difference."

When I was filming Slumdog Millionaire in Mumbai, I was lucky enough to spend time with some of the incredible children that live in the slum communities there. I was amazed by how hard these kids work and how much responsibility they carry on their shoulders at such a young age.

These kids don’t have very much at all, and in some cases have to provide for their entire families; however, they still aim high and work really hard.

Mumbai Experience is an important project for both children in Mumbai’s slums and in the UK. I for one am really excited that the lives of Mumbai’s super bright kids are being explored by their peers here in the UK and can’t wait to see what they learn from each other.

Good luck guys!

Let’s make this happen!

Big Love,

Dev Patel

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