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Our Youth Ambassadors
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Here is what they have to say about their upcoming trip:

Shivani Sharma (far left)

I have been involved with Child Action since my mother founded it in 2010, and have enjoyed coordinated fundraising activities and events here in London.  I have admired the work done by Toybank, Doorstep School and Apnalaya from afar, and am now very excited to visit their projects in India, in order to get involved with and see the impact of the work we do first hand. 

Nikhil Bahal - (2nd from left)

Hi, I’m Nikhil Bahal, a high school student residing in New Jersey. When I know children do not have access to the resources I have at my disposal, it inspires me to find a solution to solve this problem. That is why I am part of Child Action. I hope together through this journey we can make an impact in the education of these children to provide them with a path out of poverty.

Jai Bahal - (centre)

I am not going to Mumbai with my brother, sister and cousins this Thanksgiving, but I hope to go when I am older.  I am the youngest family ambassador for Child Action and I am helping from New Jersey by encouraging you to donate to our family's Diwali 2018 justgiving page!  Thank you to everyone who has already donated to our justgiving page so far, we appreciate it!


Esha Bahal (2nd from right)


I'm Esha Bahal, a teenager in New Jersey who is driven to have a positive impact on the future of our world. I am proud to be part of Child Action, our family charity that is making a meaningful difference in the lives of underprivileged children. As our trip to India approaches, we are excited to have such a full and varied itinerary.

Anushka Sharma (far right)

As a medical student, I believe that every child should be given the opportunity to live a healthy and happy life
, through a nurturing and safe environment. This year is a particularly special one for me to volunteer with our partners NGOs because my fellow students at Imperial College School of Medicine (London) have chosen to sponsor the work of Child Action. 


In November 2018, 4 Youth Ambassadors for Child Action are travelling to Mumbai to volunteer for a week with our NGO partners. 

  • With Doorstep we will participate in activities such as road safety lessons, playing sports with the children and puppet workshops. We will also have the opportunity to eat lunch with the children.

  • At Toybank, we will meet at their office with close supporters as well as the board. Later in the week we will participate in the Toybank Impact Day and visit some Toybank centres, as well as help out with organising their annual Fiesta.

  • Lastly, our plan with Apnalaya is to visit the School Saheli project - a mentoring scheme to support girls to stay in school.

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