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Doorstep School takes education to those on the very fringes of society, recognising that if children cannot come to school then the school must come to the children. To meet this need, Doorstep School has come up with the innovative idea of sending in buses redesigned as fully functioning classrooms.


Child Action is proud to sponsor and maintain our very own School on Wheels. Each school on wheels can accommodate 20-25 pupils per class and 4 classes run daily.  Pupils are collected from the streets and slum dwellings where they reside, and taught reading, writing and arithmetic as well as lessons in basic hygiene, health and safety.



Fnd out more about Door Step School HERE



Toybank works to provide children from some of the worlds most impoverished communities with a childhood and an education. By collecting unwanted toys and redistributing them to toy libraries and orphanages, Toybank brings joy to children deprived of their right to play.


For many street children, it is necessary to work in order to survive, and as such childhood can be lost at an early age.  The importance of play was recognised by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights as a “right of every child” as it contributes to a child’s cognitive, social and emotional development. In addition it can also help distract their minds from the daily struggles that they face.


Fnd out more about Toybank HERE



Apnalaya recognises that the key to breaking the cycle of relentless poverty is education, empowerment, self-reliance and self-sufficiency.  It therefore uses an Integrated Communicty Development (ICD) approach to enable community workers as key stakeholders to catalyse the proactive transfomation of their communities in Shivaji Nagar


Apnalaya uses a a multi-pronged approach to transforming the skills, capabilities and behaviours of individuals through sustainable programmes in three areas - Health and Disability, Gender and Livelihood, Education and Citezenship.  



Fnd out more about Apnalaya HERE

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