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Dig Deep and wish Tom Cross luck for the London Marathon

2 years ago I ran the London Marathon and promised my self I would never ever do it again, I really struggled to get through!

However here I am again taking it on again in 2017


Have a little read below about Child Action and how amazing they are. No child should have to live on a rubbish dump!

I couldn't turn down a place for such a great charity, so I am putting on my running shoes again to run the London Marathon 2017.

Some of you will know that in Feb me and my wife had our first child so there have been lots of sleep deprived runs leading up to the marathon but I am undeterred.

Child Action have one Marathon space, and I have it!

By running for Child Action, I aim to make a difference to the relentless cycle of poverty that children born in the slums of Mumbai face.

Child Action works with Doorstep School to create and fund learning opportunities for children living within Mumbai's most disadvantaged communities.

Even a donation of £10 or £20 will make a significant difference to the access to basic numeracy and literacy that they can provide for a child living on the streets or in the slums.

I am aiming to raise at least £2000, and what's more

Child Action will match fund every penny I raise, if I reach or exceed £2000!

Please dig deep and spur me on with your donations here!

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