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Marathon Thoughts

Running has always been a part of my life, and on many levels, it was, and still can be, a love hate relationship. I would begrudgingly put on my trainers, and slog through the streets to build up my running stamina to make a three mile run, slowly I became stronger, and began to enjoy my little accomplishments as each month became a little easier. It was then and without hesitation I called myself a runner.

Every year I have watched the London Marathon, thousands of people pounding the tar, smiling faces, tears, adoring families and I felt I really needed to be part of it. When I was given the chance at Christmas to run for Child Action, I was overwhelmed, and jumped at the chance and of course said, “absolutely yes”.

Like with every challenge that you set yourself in life, there has to be a plan, mine was 18 weeks of running. So, I started on January the 1st, always a good day to start something, and have rigidly kept to the plan. Marathon training is different, it’s not just about lacing up and running, it’s about your frame of mind. How you have to focus your mind to head out in the pouring rain and biting wind, make sure you have fuelled correctly, and when it comes to the long runs this is when you have to switch on and engage to push on, to complete the distance.

Having said, the days when it’s gloriously sunny, and your listening to music, believe it or not, running could not be any better.

I have now only a few weeks left, I have aches and pains every other day, and everytime someone mentions the marathon, I get nervous jitters. I am looking forward to the day, I finally become part of those people I watched year on year.

I have had so much support from my family and friends and they have all helped me in raising money for Child Action. I am loving the fact that I can make a difference to someone else’s life no matter how small.

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