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Heath House Head to Mumbai!

Another day, another group of children engaged in charitable giving and global poverty issues!

This time we want to tell you all about Heath House, a small school in Blackheath that took part in our urban poverty lesson in order to learn all about children living in India's most deprived street and slum communities.

The children watched video footage of the squalid conditions of the Shivaji Nagar dumping ground and learnt from the interviews they watched that the communities have to live and survive on a rubbish tip.

They heard how children in these conditions dreamt of being properly educated and escaping the depths of poverty, as it is holding them back from reaching their full potential.

Then they learnt just how resourceful and hardworking these children in the slums are and how they turn trash into treasure by making useful things that can be sold to buy food!

We were so impressed by the Heath House Students! They showed a great deal of empathy and were eager to learn all about their peers in India. One young man put his hand up and emphatically stated that 'it's not fair that we have so much and they have so little', while another young spirited activist exclaimed 'I want to go over to India and help!'

After adopting the same entrepreneurial flair as their peers in India, the children from Heath House explored their own resourcefulness and creativity by turning the recyclable rubbish they had brought in into products that could be sold to buy food!

Child Action really enjoyed working with these bright young students and hope they remember the children that they learnt about.

Thanks for having us Heath House!

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