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Child Action Heads to the G20 Summit @ House of Lords!

When entrepreneur, founder of Kit Us Out and dear friend of Child Action Alex Mitchell invited us to the House of Lords to meet young entrepreneurs from around the world we jumped at the opportunity! (Plus an evening hanging out in parliament isn’t the worst way to spend a Thursday!)

As we registered, grabbed name badges and entered the room the first noticeable thing was the amount of young people; of course as much was to be expected at a ‘young entrepreneur’s event’, but still it was impressive to see such a great turn out and the energy and enthusiasm was palpable!

A panel packed with business minded young adults and their supporting advocates from Accenture and the UN meant there were tips aplenty for the knowledge thirsty audience members.

The purpose of the panel discussion was for young entrepreneurs to share their experiences of turning ideas and passions into practical business plans.

After an hour and a half of lively discussions which made clear that anyone with an idea and the right amount of determination can succeed, it was time to head to a ‘parliament event room’ for nibbles and networking!

Everyone had interesting ideas accompanied with the ambition of bringing them to life. These individuals weren’t talking about fantasies - they were talking about actual plans ready to be actioned.

Child Action relished the opportunity to talk about our UK education programme that teaches children about urban poverty in Mumbai and the power of entrepreneurship and resilience expressed by the children who live within the street and slum communities.

After swapping cards with some inspiring people we left the House of Lords as it lit up the dark sky – keeping everything crossed we’d get invited to the next event!

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