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Ripley School take on Mumbai Experiences!

Our education project is going from strength to strength as we reach out to even more schools and share the extraordinary stories and experiences of children that live within Mumbai’s street and slum communities.

Ripley Court School in particular embraced the slum experience session by turning the whole of their school sports hall into a bustling Mumbai community. Two whole year groups worked hard to try and make something useful out of the rubbish that had been brought in. At the start of the workshop the piles of used washing up liquid bottles and cardboard boxes were simply rubbish to the children; however after learning all about the grit and determination children in urban poverty who turn that trash into treasure – they soon began to learn some valuable life lessons!

The children began to adopt core life skills such as resilience and empathy which saw them work hard to take on challenges, just like their counterparts in Mumbai do.

The experience they had through the workshop was so significant to them that they asked their teachers if they could donate some money to Child Action to send to the children in India’s slum communities - to help them get an education like they do.

Thank you Ripley Court!

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