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Behind the Beautiful Forevers!

On November 21st we headed to the spectacularly purple lit National Theatre on the Southbank to see David Hare’s theatrical adaptation of Katherine Boo’s book ‘Behind the Beautiful Forever’s.’

With the topic of slum life in India unsurprisingly close to our hearts, it is an understatement to say we were keen to see this subject translated into theatre on a London stage!

The production expertly portrays the poverty that ravages disadvantaged communities forced to live within the informal slum settlements on the outskirts of the cities. Suffice to say (without ruining the story) life is horrifically challenging for the inhabitants of the Annawadi slum, as they battle to make ends meet and carve out a shape for themselves that warrants acceptance in society.

It can be easy to focus on the depression of their poverty, especially as it is harrowing in so many ways. However, there is also a powerful element of hope that burns brightly in the heart of this slum. The characters embody the same resilience and entrepreneurial flair of the communities that Child Action have been fortunate enough to meet, and this story personifies that same grit and determination exercised daily by some of the worlds most impoverished.

This experience certainly reinforced the work that we do – and we strongly recommend you go and see it!

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